News & Events

News & Events

Sungard Interface

Timeware Inc. is currently working with Sungard K-12 solutions to build a seamless interface between both systems. This interface will greatly enhance how information is transferred between Sungard and Timeware Primetime. We expect to have data exchanges between both systems that synchronize demographic information, leave balances and payroll data. We expect this interface to be available by December 2016.

New Products Announcement

Keeping up our tradition of technological innovation in the area of workforce management has never been stronger. Timeware, Inc. will unveil a series of new technologies that will revolutionizes the industry. These technologies are aimed at making our solution even more modern, much faster, efficient and less costly. Coming this December 2016, Timeware will unveil these technologies and make them available on the market in the USA and abroad. Stay tuned!

Current implementations: Warren and Norton in final stages as Ashtabula and WE Transport begin

Timeware has been working with several school districts and a transportation services company on implementing our workforce management solution. First, Ashtabula Area City Schools and WE Transport Inc. have recently started the implementation process. Our Bioscreen kiosks will soon be installed and commissioned at their various locations. Meanwhile, Warren City Schools and Norton City Schools are entering the final stages of their implementations. We are very excited for them to go live with our solution! In addition, Lebanon City Schools, Beachwood City Schools, and Mansfield ISD have all decided to expand their Timeware solutions district-wide, while Carlisle ISD and Trotwood-Madison City Schools have installed new Bioscreens to replace their older models. Also, Falcon School District 49 is entering a trial period with their transportation department testing our solution. We are confident that they will find numerous advantages to using our system! As the school year ends, we hope many more districts will find time to evaluate their time and attendance practices and how Timeware might help improve upon them.

Recent and upcoming Timeware events

We would like to share a couple of recent and upcoming events that we have attended and will be attending: On May 13, Timeware participated in the Ohio Schools Council (OSC) Vendor Fair. We had a great time, and we would like to thank all the districts that came by our booth to chat! On July 31, we will be at the 25th Annual EPC Educational Vendor Fair. It will be held at Wright State University's Ervin J. Nutter Center (Address: 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Fairborn OH 45324). From November 8-11, NAPT will be hosting their 40th Annual Summit in Kansas City, MO. Timeware will be there to discuss how our solution can benefit any school's transportation department. We hope to see you at an upcoming event soon!

Timeware unwraps its new Bioscreen 6 and more for the holidays

At Timeware, our product development team is constantly developing new technologies to stay at the forefront of the time and attendance system market. This upcoming quarter, we are unveiling our sleekest and most modern time clock yet – the Bioscreen 6. With the Bioscreen 6, Timeware has put together a state-of-the-art workforce management kiosk that combines the familiar, user-friendly machines of old with the most up and coming technologies we see on the market today. This revolutionary device will have an improved, tablet-like appearance and a resilient capacitive touchscreen. It was also feature a flat face highly resistant glass frame that will be much more durable than your regular time clock. The internals will also be improved, providing users with a faster processing unit and quicker memory speeds. This new machine will also have a new, modernized graphical user interface, providing the most effective combination of user friendliness and allure. Timeware will also be releasing the Bioscreen 6 Mini and the Bioscreen Lite. The Bioscreen 6 mini, the smaller, more compact version of the Bioscreen 6 that has the same features built in. The Bioscreen Lite is an even smaller device that has limited functions, providing the solution for smaller businesses that look for only the basic functions of a time clock. Look for more updates as to the release dates of these phenomenal new devices here on our website!

Berea city schools start the new year off by implementing Timeware's workforce management solution

Berea city school district has been working closely with Timeware in deploying our solution district wide, and are now happy to announce that they are officially implementing Timeware’s solution across the entire school district for all classified employees. Implementation of Timeware’s breakthrough time & attendance solution for the district will drastically improve workflow and budget concerns for years to come. With the entire district implemented, Berea city school district expects a quick return on investment as well as rising productivity levels. Timeware is proud to have clients that are eager to move to an efficient and hassle-free workforce management system. Let us show you how exciting we can make time & attendance.

Timeware meets with Aurora city schools to begin implementation of our workforce management solution

Aurora city school district, a school district right in Timeware's backyard, has decided to move forward with implementing our workforce management solution for their transportation department and transportation support staff. Aurora city schools expects an immediate boost in productivity and efficiency from their transportation garage staff as a result of implementation. With the effectiveness of our system, Timeware foresees a district wide implementation of our solution before the end of 2013. Explore our website and see how your organization could benefit from Timeware's workforce management solutions.

Timeware makes a big hit in transportation at the 2012 NAPT Annual Summit & Exposition

Timeware attended the 2012 NAPT Annual Summit & Expo and was immediately considered a very successful venture. Pupil transportation has always been and always will be the most complex and most difficult department to manage in a school system, from the time & attendance perspective. Due to our specialized solutions for schools, and specifically the transportation department, we were very well received and highly sought after. Our ability to track and model routes, deal with ever changing shifts, and our solution for field trip and other duties with different pay rates really make the system fit transportation departments perfectly. The transportation directors and other executives were all very impressed with what Timeware has to offer. Let Timeware show you how easy it can be to manage your transportation workforce with our solution.

Ohio Schools Council introduces Timeware to Ohio school districts as their preferred partner.

Over the past decade has been a leading force in the time & attendance market for school systems across the state of Ohio. This past month Timeware takes yet another huge step in assisting the schools of this state by joining the Ohio Schools Council (OSC) in a breakthrough partnership as a recongnized preferred partner. The OSC is a consortium of over 180 school districts statewide that provides cooperative purchasing programs. As a preferred partner of OSC’s cooperative purchasing program, clients that purchase Timeware’s system through OSC receive an enormous discount as well as a slew of other benefits that they normally would not have. This partnership has had an extremely positive effect for both public schools in Ohio as well as Timeware’s presence in the market. For more information on this unprecedented partnership, please visit our partner OSC’s website at

Timeware makes its presence known at the 15th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition

The 15th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition was held at the McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois during the second week of October this year. HR Tech conference is the event of the year that senior HR executives go to to learn about the newest and best HR technology available on the market today. Timeware dazzled the HR executive attendees with our powerful and sophisticated yet affordable technology and solution to workforce management needs in time & attendance. Our presence at this years HR Tech show gave prospective companies the opportunity to realize the potential that Timeware has to enhance their workforce as a whole. Keep a look out for Timeware at upcoming technology and HR trade shows and events.

Timeware goes to aid healthcare HR at the ASHHRA 48th Annual Conference & Exposition

Timeware went out to Denver, Colorado to the Colorado Convention Center for the 48th Annual ASHHRA Conference & Exposition. In attendance were many of the nations big hospitals and healthcare workforce management executives, all looking for the newest technologies in HR. We were proud to present the healthcare HR executives with our totally redesigned trade show booth which drew all the rooms attention on its own. We at Timeware look forward to aiding the HR departments of many of the nations healthcare facilities.

Beachwood city school begins implementation of Timeware's workforce management solution

Timeware began the first phase of full implementation with Beachwood's transportation department. The Beachwood city schools administrators recognize how Timeware's solution can drastically improve the efficiency of their district. Some of the key features that Beachwood city schools loved about Timeware's solution is its unmatched ability to handle split pay and field trip managent without unnecessary forms and paperwork. Beachwood city schools is currently completing the construction of their new high school and decided to implement the best time & attendance system available to them - Timeware.

Timeware's website gets a major overhaul and update

We at Timeware are proud to present to you our newly renovated modern looking website! You can now browse our site and learn about all of our workforce management solutions we have to offer. From Bioscreen hardware to Primetime Enterprise software you can navigate with ease and clarity. Also be sure to check out how Timeware can better help your individual market's needs. On our sales page you can now download all of our product brochures and spec sheets, request a demonstration or even a quote. If you're having any troubles or problems now you can just fill out a simple support ticket on our website and we'll promptly work on resolving it. Don't forget to keep checking our news feed on the homepage to find out what Timeware is doing.