The Challenge

In the manufacturing market workforce management needs differ a great deal from other markets. Generally the manufacturing company labor force is made of multiple employee groups including: salaried exempt, salaried non-exempt and hourly employees in various areas including: production, engineering, lab, maintenance, security, office staff etc.In most cases every employee group mentioned may belong to a different union, is governed by different work policies, pay policies, accrual policy and scheduling needs. Furthermore, a manufacturing company may have operation in multiple locations with multiple time zones. The challenge to the manufacturing company is to effectively automate its workforce management on a 24 hour multiple shift basis.

In addition, the workforce management system needed must be capable of effectively automating all needed functions, provide user interfaces for employee and user interactions and provide complete reporting options. The workforce management system needed must provide automatic interfaces to the payroll system and the HR system. Since most manufacturing companies use an ERP system for financial and HR management, the workforce management system needed must also provide an easy to configure automated interface for auto-loading any changes in the HR system.

The Technology

Timeware's approach to the manufacturing market workforce management challenge is based on an integrated solution that involves multiple technologies. All of our technologies integrated provide the most effective, most sophisticated and most advanced workforce management solution for the healthcare market. This web based solution is made up of our award winning Bioscreen™ machines, central server locally or remotely hosted and many user workstation clients. The Bioscreen machines are used as the employee mean of interacting with the system using the following functions: time ™ attendance, HR inquiry, schedule completion, leave requests, bulletin ™ messages and web link function that can be customized by the client to access any web page. Additional custom functions can be also added upon client request.

The Solution

Timeware Primetime™ uses our technology to provide a fully automated workforce management system. The system is modular where Administration, Attendance, Scheduling, Accrual and Payroll functions are separated into modules. This architecture simplifies the user experience and makes managing the system a breeze. Timeware goes the extra step in making it easy to use and understand the system. Timeware's approach to the manufacturing workforce management challenge is based on an object oriented fundamentally sound approach. Where things are defined and used as they are, not based on codes and archaic terminologies. For example: Timeware Primetime™ allows for the definition of: Business Units, Locations, Employees, Employee Groups, Jobs, Shifts for both jobs and employees, Clocks and Bioscreen machines, Work Policies, Schedules, Schedule Calendars, Pay Policies, Pay Groups, Pay Steps, Pay Rate Tables, Work Policies, Accrual Policies and rules. In addition, every user access is governed by an access security policy that can control user access from administrative full access to a limited single function and single employee and everything in between. In a nutshell, Timeware Primetime™ allows the user to configure all of the above based on their own business rules and needs. Then, these rules are applied where needed. The result is a custom fit solution that satisfies every workforce management need including the most complex.

The Result

Timeware Primetime™, by far, is the best workforce management system for the manufacturing market. We have done it by continuously learning, continuously innovating and continuously improving our system. Our free customization policy helped us forge a partner like relationship with our manufacturing clients and encouraged them to ask for additions and improvements to best automate their hardest problems. Today, we are confident that our solution covers 99% of any manufacturing company when it comes to a fully automated workforce management system.