Timeware Products

Timeware Primetime™ is our award-winning modular solution for automating all aspects of workforce management. Explore the links at left to learn how Primetime™ can free you from traditional HRMS vendors, render expensive-to-maintain proprietary solutions obsolete, and virtually eliminate overtime. As with each Timeware solution, we are 100% committed to your success and satisfaction.

Be up and running in days, not months or years

Primetime™ includes all the software and devices you need to manage everything from data collection through payroll, and best of all, Primetime™'s patented open architecture is up and running in days -- not the months or years required by traditional HRMS vendors.

Empower your employees with secure, time-saving solutions

Primetime™'s popular Web-enabled biometric and RFID based recognition devices, are the most complete, secure, and advanced systems available.

Put your organization in complete control

Primetime™'s software talks freely to its devices, so changes you make to your business rules are implemented immediately. It's one of the ways Primetime™ puts you in the driver's seat. Everything you need, at one affordable price. That's the power of Timeware Primetime™.