Time & Attendance Hardware

Bioscreen 700

Bioscreen 700

The Bioscreen Bioscreen 700 is a fully computerized terminal that is equipped with a 7” LCD touch screen and any combination of the following: 600 DPI biometric fingerprint scanner and/or HID proximity reader. This Bioscreen is used for employee attendance tracking as well as employee self-service functions such as viewing of schedules, time card, accrued balance, making schedule change requests, viewing bulletins & messages, schedule completion and access control. In addition this Bioscreen device can be used as an access control controller. We designed this device with highly automated capabilities to support complex time and attendance and access control needs. This Bioscreen device provides real time transactions since it communicates with the system server directly. If the server connection is interrupted this Bioscreen continues to execute normal functionality off-line. Once the server connection is re-established the Bioscreen upload all offline transactions to the server for immediate processing. This Bioscreen also executes software updates automatically and without user assistance. The current version of this Bioscreen device is POE based thus the only wiring required is an Ethernet cable. Also backup power can be provided at the switch.

Offline Operation Capability

Should this Bioscreen network connection fail because of a malfunctioning network switch or server down, this Bioscreen will continue to function normally in local mode. All transactions recorded in local mode will be uploaded to the server upon restoration of the network connection. This Bioscreen can store millions of transactions before all its available hard drive memory is consumed.

Backup Power

Since this Bioscreen machine is powered over the Ethernet cable, back up power to the device can be achieved by simply backing up the switch with a UPS. The device max power consumption is less than 15W, that allows a small UPS to backup the device for hours.

User Access

Once an employee is registered on one Bioscreen terminal within the network, this employee can be able to use any of the other Bioscreen terminals within the network. At initial use of each different machine the user will need to input their badge number (clock identification number) for the device to download the appropriate fingerprint template(s).

Site Preparation & Installation Requirements

The Bioscreen machine ships with an especially designed mounting plate. Each Bioscreen device gets its power and signal over a single Ethernet cable. Thus, the only cable that is needed is the Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet cable that the Bioscreen device needs to communicate with its host. And, since the device power is wired over the Ethernet cable the other end of the Ethernet cable needs to be plugged into either a POE switch or a POE injector. In an effort to simplify installation, the device was designed with the flexibility of routing the cable from any direction around the device mounting plate.