Time & Attendance Software

Time & Attendance Software


Our workforce management product, that is also referred to as Timeware Primetime™, constitutes our flagship software and hardware product suite. Timeware Primetime™ renders obsolete most traditional systems built with no flexibility, rigid coding, and expensive-to-maintain antiquated technology. Whether you manage a 100 employee or 20,000 employee organization you will find Timeware Primetime™ to be the best workforce management product on the market today.

Timeware Primetime™ is a complete workforce management system consisting of hardware and software technology with one primary purpose: automate and simplify workforce management. Timeware Primetime™ workforce management solution provides organizations with a comprehensive modular tool set to manage all facets of: employee time & attendance, workforce scheduling, human resources management, payroll processing, accrual management and access control. While the basic Timeware Primetime™ package consists of the administration & attendance modules, additional modules like human resources, payroll, scheduling, accrual and access control may be added as your needs grow

Best Choice

When you consider the complex and ever changing rules of time & attendance including your company policy, union contracts, government regulations like Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Wage and Hour rules, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), etc. the solution you shall seek must meet this complexity with power, flexibility and ease of use. A powerful system will provide the depth and capability for accommodating your needs, yet an easy to use system tames the complexity and makes the user experience easy and fun. In addition, a flexible system allows you to model your business process within the software at the start and later on as your rules change. Well, our Time & Attendance solution is just that, a powerful, flexible and easy to use system.

New Modern Approach

Unlike other solution providers who have built their system based on old technology, outdated code based references, inflexible & hard to maintain formulas and inadequate remedies, Timeware brings a new approach to time & attendance. We exclusively use object oriented technology and design techniques to model everything within the system. Thus, every entity like employee, group, job, etc. is represented and referenced by an easy to understand object. Furthermore, all relationships among objects are modeled in a natural and easy way to understand.

Comprehensive Solution

From time clock to payroll, and as an option to access control, it's all managed by one state of the art system Timeware Primetime™. If you are considering such a solution for the first time, or if you are considering changing your current system it will only cost you few minutes of your time to contact us and arrange for a web or an on-site demo. The benefits are tremendous and it's all FREE. Call us today and you can thank us tomorrow.