Access Control

Access Control

Yes also access control is an optional module in Timeware Primetime™. Timeware brings you robust, real-time access control whether you manage a single door or multiple geographically dispersed facilities. Our secure Web-hosted infrastructure and centralized online administration reduce your IT costs and allow you to easily manage all of your access points in a single location. Best of all, the access control system is fully integrated within the workforce management system.

Access Control System Module

The access control module is an extension of our workforce management solution where securing premises doors, fire & safety alarms and security cameras can all be managed. Our access control system provides real-time monitoring and security built on a protected infrastructure and backed by IT security professionals. The Timeware Primetime™ access control Module works in conjunction with the Timeware access control Web Module where additional functionality is managed.

Access Control Time Clock

It is possible to designate reader devices, that are part of the access control system, as attendance time clocks. This option can be desirable and economical especially if the Timeware Primetime™ attendance is needed as an add on to the access control system. Each time clock added will need to correspond to a physical device already defined within the access control system.