Attendance Module

The Attendance Module allows you to monitor real time attendance data by business unit, group, job or employee for hours worked, paid time off and non-paying hours. Designed for speed and accuracy, Primetime Attendance reduces the time required to collect, organize, and document time & attendance data using a familiar calendar interface. Time charge data may be grouped with weekly, bi-weekly or other ranges and may be viewed at the employee level or span multiple employees, groups and business units.

Multiple Time Sources

Punch card time clocks and hand written time cards are a thing from the past. Furthermore, many electronic time clocks on the market today are so outdated. Your choice for a time clock should not be anything less than the best. And the best time clock is what best technology can provide. We, at Timeware, are continuously pursuing technological improvements to our time clocks. For example, our current time clocks are POE based (power over Ethernet), equipped with the latest touch screen technology, biometric & RFID based and packed with enough power to run our entire solution.

For today's modern business environments a time & attendance solution must provide for multiple sources of time data entry. Timeware Primetime™ offers time data entry with a series of time clocks, designed and priced to accommodate every need. We also offer a web based time clock, PC based time clock and hand held based time clock.

Positive & Negative Attendance

As you may know, time & attendance can be classified by two types: positive attendance and negative attendance. Positive attendance is the most common and it simply means hours worked equal hours paid. The system tracks work hours and provides those hours for payroll. Negative attendance is less common and it simply means all work & leave hours are tracked, however, only over contracted hours equal hours paid and under contracted hours equal hours deducted. While depending on your business process you may have your employee attendance management needs be classified as positive attendance, negative attendance or a combination of both. No matter what the case is Timeware Primetime™ has the capability to manage one type of attendance or the combination of both.

Leave Management

Leave management is an integral part of our Timeware Primetime™ software. Whether its paid or unpaid leave it's all managed within an integrated environment. Leave time can be scheduled, manually entered or requested via our web module or our time clocks.

Attendance Monitor

The purpose of the monitor view is to observe those scheduled for work. Both expected and absent employees are monitored. In the case of an absent employee, the user can use the tools provided by Timeware Primetime™ to find a substitute to cover absent employee's shift.

Attendance Payroll Export

Timeware guarantees payroll export interface to any payroll provider period. Furthermore, Timeware guarantees this interface at no additional cost to the client. Finished attendance data can be exported to the payroll provider system using any of the following methods: SOAP XML web service, SQL data load or traditional delimited text file.

Approval Levels

Timeware Primetime™ offers unlimited levels of attendance data approval. In most cases timekeeper, manager, supervisor and payroll administrator levels are sufficient. Data is secured and is locked from editing up to its approved level.