Scheduling is an integral part of our Timeware Primetime™ software. Despite the complexity involved in scheduling hundreds or thousands of employees working multiple shifts and jobs, Timeware scheduling makes the job easy. One or more employee schedules can be setup in minutes then easily maintained throughout the year. While competitors may offer schedulers that rely on a rotation schedule approach, we at Timeware take it a step further and offer a scheduler that gives you the power of projecting on-the fly rotation selection and the flexibility of making surgical manual changes to your schedule.

Scheduling continues to be a hard challenge for many organizations. And unlike most solutions providers who offer inadequate and incomplete scheduling solution, Timeware has found the way to make scheduling complexity a thing of the past. We accomplish this either by relying on an annual work calendar or a master schedule. In addition, leave time activities are fully incorporated and managed by the system along with work job schedules.

Work Calendar

Where work calendars are used employee scheduling requires no effort what's so ever. The system uses the calendar and employee shift information to auto generate work schedules. Can it be any easier than that?

Master Schedule

In the case where a work calendar is not part of the work process, a master scheduler can be created and can be applied to an individual, or a group. This master scheduler incorporates the flexibility of specifying scheduled jobs for a day or a time period. Then the user may choose any repeatable pattern as a rotation template block that can be reproduced as many times as necessary. In few seconds a one year schedule can be generated. Additional edits and schedule changes can be made at any time thereafter.

Automatic Scheduling

Using the work calendar or the master schedule information, the Timeware Primetime™ scheduling module automatically generates the employee schedule. Furthermore, a finished employee attendance time card can also be generated for salaried employees.