Timeware Solutions

Here at Timeware, we dedicate our staff to service each customer as a unique case – no two organizations are completely alike, and we understand that! Whether your company is a small, entrepreneurial start-up or a recognized corporate giant, we will consider the best approach in solving your issues and come up with a solution that perfectly fits your budget and setup.

Larger organizations will want to take advantage of our Timeware Primetime™ Enterprise Suite, which specifically caters to heavily developed organizations with multiple facilities and the need for a large database. Smaller groups will want to take a look at our Clock-in-a-Box product – a plug n' play, single clock, single facility, type of solution that perfectly fits the needs of small and midsize businesses.

What Are Your Workforce Management Priorities?

Eliminate Overtime

Primetime™ is built around intelligent Web enabled data collection devices, so organizations can now manage employee schedules in real-time. That means when that when an employee signs in or out, Primetime™ knows whether the individual is eligible for overtime. Whenever there is a doubt, Primetime™ asks the employee, via the Web enabled device, whether or not they are eligible. If an employee indicates they are eligible, Primetime™ records the actual sign-in time. If the employee indicates they are not eligible, then the start or end time is rounded correctly.

End Buddy Punching

Unlike traditional time clocks, Primetime™'s devices feature 600 DPI biometric (fingerprint) scanners, and RFID readers to give them the intelligence you need in today's complex workplace environment. Primetime™ lets you finally eliminate buddy punching forever. It not only eliminate losses dues to fraud, but it gives your entire workforce the security of knowing that fraudulent behavior is not tolerated.

Stop Rounding Errors

Rounding errors are a common and often significant source of lost revenue. Unlike traditional HRMS vendor solutions, Primetime™ solves the causes of rounding errors to ensure that payroll is one-hundred percent accurate. Primetime™ gives you complete control to change rounding rules, per employee, or for an entire department. In some cases, primetime™ customers realize savings from rounding corrections that pay the full cost of the Primetime™ solution in just one year.

Increase Workforce Productivity

Gains in human resource management productivity are a function of a process improvements and adherence. Primtime lets you automate repetitive processes, modify processes to reflect current business rules, and make it simple for employees to adhere to set processes. Built-in features, including employee self-service, and issue tracking and resolution, eliminate tedious paperwork and filing.

Reduce Costs

Primetime™ helps you reduce costs by eliminating overtime, buddy punching, and rounding errors, and by automating a wide range of repetitive HR tasks. In addition, total cost of ownership of Primetime™ is much lower than traditional HRMS vendors because Primetime™ simply costs less, and includes basic customization, integration, and support at no additional cost.