Implementation & Delivery


Our approach to the Timeware Primetime™ solution implementation is based upon a single premise: make it “quick simple and easy “. We all now that implementing an ERP class solution that effectively manages a major aspect of any business is not quick, simple nor easy. Thus, by providing full implementation services to complete all the steps needed from inception to completion simplifies and speeds up the implementation schedule. A typical implementation can be achieved in about 4 week's time. Of course this all depends on the full coordination and cooperation between our team and the client project team.

Implementation Steps

Typically our implementation schedule consists of the following steps:

  • Extract the right client information from existing sources, documents and interviews
  • Initial database build
  • Database review & refinement
  • Device installation & commissioning
  • Classroom training
  • Follow-up training

Client Information

In order for our technical project team to be able to build the system database, information relevant to the client's employees, jobs, work shifts, work rules, work policies, schedules, work calendars etc. All needed information is then obtained from various sources including spread sheet files, paper documents, work contracts etc. Our project team then builds the system database with the obtained information.

Initial Database Build

The Timeware Primetime™ system database is the central part of the solution. Proper design of the system database requires a specific expertise and a high degree of Timeware Primetime™ knowledge. Thus, our offer to build the system database carries multiple benefits for our clients including: proper expert design that matches the client's requirements and specific environment, speed development and deployment and minimizing the client's efforts.

Database Review & Refinement

The final database build may require multiple reviews and alteration before it's full complete. For that reason we schedule as many reviews as necessary to ensure that the database is complete and accurate prior to deployment and training.

Device Installation & Commissioning

Even though the Timeware Primetime™ solution may be deployed without any physical hardware devices, most of our installations include one or more of our Bioscreen devices. Typically any required device Ethernet cabling is done by the client's maintenance department based upon specific instructions from Timeware. The wiring is fairly simple and can be done by interconnecting standard Ethernet Cat 5 or 6 cables in between the device and the nearest Ethernet switch. This approach ensures a successful installation since it's done by site knowledgeable professionals and also reduces implementation cost.

Classroom Training

Once the database build is complete, the system software and the hardware devices are installed and commissioned. Then we will be ready to train as many users as needed. Our training is typically conducted by one or two instructors. Device and software user training is hands-on and typically done in a class room environment. We do not impose any limits as to the number of users to be trained. After training users will be able to maintain and manage the system database as well as managing real time data on a daily basis.

Follow-up Training

Follow-up training services can be scheduled any time after the formal training is completed. One on one or in group setting, this training is used to reinforce already gained knowledge of the Timeware Primetime™ system. In most cases this follow up training is all that is needed for the Timeware Primetime™ users to become self sufficient in managing the system.