Solution Overview

Timeware Primetime™ Solution

From time clock to payroll and everything in between, you business is well covered by our web based integrated solution Timeware Primetime™. Our hardware is setting the industry standards for time clocks and HR Inquiry functionality. They are equipped with state of the art biometric fingerprint reader and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) readers for user identification and touch screen technology as a user interface. Our devices are the industry leaders in capability, intelligence and flexibility.

Timeware Primetime™ is our complete solution for automating all aspects of workforce management. Timeware Primetime™ is a complete turn-key solution that is comprised of hardware, software and services. The hardware component can include any combination of Timeware devices including our Bioscreen series devices. The software component can include any combination of Timeware Primetime™ software modules including: Administration, Attendance, Scheduling, Payroll, Accrual and Access Control.

Hardware System Architecture

The hardware elements that make up the Timeware Primetime™ system consist of the following:

  • Physical or Logical Server machine running Microsoft Windows Sever, Microsoft Windows XP Pro, Linux OS or Unix OS.
  • Ethernet network infrastructure (cables and switches, etc.)
  • Bioscreen machines running Timeware proprietary software.
  • Timeware Primetime™ client workstations running Microsoft Windows Platform, Linux or Mac OS.

The Bioscreen machines, Primetime™ Server and Primetime™ Client workstations will reside on the Client's network. The hardware architecture for a Primetime™ system consists of a server, workstations and Bioscreen machines inter-connected over an Ethernet network.

Timeware Primetime™ Software Architecture

The Timeware Primetime™ software architecture can be described as an N Tier software system that is primarily made up of the following elements:

  • Database System
  • Middle tier server where database access and business logic is executed
  • User interface client

Database System

The Timeware Primetime™ database is made up of many data tables that are proprietary and specifically designed to support the functionality and requirements of Timeware Primetime™. These tables are SQL based and built with standard RDBMS technology. The following RDBMS technologies are fully supported by Timeware Primetime™: MySql, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2. Our standard deployment uses MySQL as its RDBMS technology.

Software Development Tools

One of our key advantages is that all of our software has been developed with the latest and best in breed technology. This technology allows us to take advantage of the latest advances in programming techniques for unprecedented power, enterprise deployment, data security, internet support, collaboration & messaging, superior functionality, ease of use, enhanced user experience and ease of updates and expansion. The technologies used by our solution are:

  • 100% Java open source technology for our open platform Server and Client software which can be deployed on any popular OS including: Linux, UNIX, Windows or MAC OS.
  • 100% web services for the server to clients interfaces
  • Java based Jasper Reports as a reporting engine and for reporting authoring tool.
  • 100% Java Server Faces (JSF), Java Script and web services for our web browser based self service module.
  • 100% Java based technology for our Bioscreen devices running on embedded Linux or Windows platforms.

Open System Architecture

  • The main components that make up our system are: database, server, client (web and application). The database is SQL based and is an open standard database. The server is web services based with an available API that can be used to pro grammatically interface Primetime™ to client own software or to other third party systems.
  • Primetime™ (database, server and client) can be deployed in all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS.

Communication Protocol

Our solution is based entirely on TCP/IP Ethernet protocol for communication. The application client communicates with the server using web services SOAP/XML protocol. The Bioscreen machines communicate with the database via direct SQL calls using TCP/IP protocol.

Client Application Install

The client application does not need to be installed on each machine where it will be used. The client application is normally installed on the server and any client machine can execute the client by having a shortcut pointing to the client executable on the server.

Should the client software be installed on each client machine, the installation procedure needs to be executed only once. Any new updates will be automatically detected by the client. Upon detection the client software informs the user of the existence of the new update and will update itself upon user permission.

Timeware Customization & Modification Policy

We believe that implementing new client requirements enhances our solution. With that belief we welcome new requirements and work with our clients to successfully implement them. For that reason, we pride ourselves on providing customization and necessary modification to our clients. In many cases, any enhances or customization is done at no additional cost to the client. We do, however reserve the right to send a cost proposal to the client if the requested requirement is not considered by Timeware to be a system improvement.

Multiple Solution

In an effort to satisfy various clients needs our Timeware Primetime™ solution can be delivered as an enterprise solution, professional solution, software as a service (SAAS) solution or as single package Clock-In-A-Box solution.