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Clock In a Box

Timeware Clock In A Box™ deployment is best suited for organizations with a single, or very few locations, and less than 200 employees to be managed. Cloud-Hosted means that Timeware will provide a server host where the Timeware Primetime backend database and servers software will be installed. In this case, the client will not purchase or own the hardware or software provided, rather, the client opts to pay Timeware a monthly fee in return for services the Timeware Clock In A Box™ solution provides.

The Bioscreen™ machine was the first in our industry with its advanced capabilities and where it serves as a wall mounted time clock and HR kiosk. We are first again in developing an enterprise class workforce management solution into a single machine that we call the Clock-In-A-Box™. We are driven by high tech engineering and innovation and we will continue to be first in developing our solutions with more functionality designed to limit labor cost and to provide easy to use, yet very powerful and effective workforce management.

While Timeware Primetime™ is well suited to serve large enterprises, the Clock-In-A-Box™ is designed to provide the same functionality yet for the smaller enterprise. As the name implies, the entire solution is packed into the box, or a single Bioscreen™ machine. The machine serves as the time clock, the HR kiosk and the system host where data is stored, business rules are kept, computation occurs, and reporting is managed. We at Timeware recognize that not every business requires an enterprise class workforce management solution. Designed for small businesses with 200 employees or less, Timeware’ s Clock-In-A-Box™ delivers everything you need to effectively manage your workforce. All the power and capability of Timeware Primetime™, our enterprise solution, is made available in the Clock-In-A-Box™.This constitutes a quick and easy worry-free deployment to the client. Timeware handles the commissioning and setup for all the needed hardware and software. Aside from the monthly service payment, the client will not incur any additional costs for using the system. And for as long as the relationship is maintained, Timeware provides full maintenance and support for all the provided hardware and software. Furthermore, data security is maintained with encryption and automatic scheduled backup.