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Enterprise Cloud SAAS

Timeware Primetime enterprise deployment is best suited for organizations with multiple locations and over 200 employees to be managed. Cloud-Hosted means that Timeware will provide a server host where the Timeware Primetime backend database and servers software will be installed. In this case, the client will not purchase or own the hardware or software provided, rather, the client opts to pay Timeware a monthly fee in return for the services Timeware Primetime solution provides. This constitutes a quick and easy worry-free deployment to the client. Timeware handles the commissioning and setup for all the needed hardware and software. Aside from the monthly service payment, the client will not incur any additional costs for using the system. And for as long as the relationship is maintained, Timeware provides full maintenance and support for all the provided hardware and software. Furthermore, data security is maintained with encryption and automatic scheduled backup.