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In the workforce management arena, hospitality type businesses have many requirements that are unique and challenging. That’s because the nature of each business is different, and their employee groups are very diverse. Furthermore, each group may have distinct work policy, work rules and pay rules. In addition, hospitality type businesses require solutions that meet their special business needs. Apart from the time clock and HR functions, the hospitality type businesses workforce management solution must address their need for robust scheduling, salaried employee time sheet, and accrued benefits tracking. Timeware Primetime has multiple scheduling tools to fit every need. And, especially for our hospitality type businesses clients, Timeware has developed an electronic time sheet and an employee scheduler that automatically develop the salaried staff schedules. Timeware Primetime is the best solution for hospitality type businesses because it can handle it all. All the rules and complexity are well managed easily and effectively.

Above and beyond the basic and most fundamental functions a workforce management system must provide, we ask the question: What do hospitality type businesses managers require from a workforce management system? Well, based on our long-term experience in this market, their primary system requirements include the following:

Honestly, the above features are all well represented in the Timeware Primetime solution. Furthermore, our solution packs lot more functionality that hospitality type businesses managers are now accustomed to. In this market, Timeware is on the path of redefining the status quo when it comes down to workforce management solution requirements.