modular and role based
open platform
distributed and scalable

Modern Workforce Management

With a strong technology & engineering background, Timeware has been a true innovator in the development of a modern, state of the art workforce management solution, that is Timeware Primetime. Timeware Primetime is a true open platform system. The software can be run on any platform including Windows, Mac and Linux.

Timeware Primetime is loaded with features and functions for a very effective workforce management solution worthy of handling today’s most demanding work environments. Fully modular with modern functionality that closes the loop on time & attendance, workforce scheduling, leave management and employee benefit accrual management.

Timeware Primetime goes beyond what is expected in a modern ERP class workforce management system. We work on the fringe of what is needed to fully automate the wants and needs of our clients. For instance, Timeware Primetime, in full compliance with federal and state laws, can easily and effectively eliminate all unwanted overtime. In addition, we have created a system where the user makes all the possible choices at the source, minimizing management overhead and unnecessary work.