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For over 26 years, Timeware has been on the forefront of workforce management solutions innovation. Throughout this time, we recognized that there is no “one size fits all” workforce management solution. Every client may have different needs and may require a special configuration. To satisfy client needs, we offer a variety of user interface options including:

Timeware Bioscreen Hardware Solution – very sophisticated time clock and HR kiosk machine. The Bioscreen is a very effective stand-alone user interface machine with secure authentication methods like biometric, RFID & photo Id. Timeware Primetime offers up to 4 different authentication policies that can be defined for a Bioscreen or a user. These policies work individually to provide full authentication. In other words, if any one policy is satisfied at the Bioscreen then the employee authentication is granted. Each authentication policy offers multiple options, where, all selected options must be satisfied to authenticate the employee at the Bioscreen.

Each authentication policy can be made of one or more of the following options:

Not Your Grandpa’s Timeclock

At the Bioscreen a user can execute functions like clock in & out choosing the appropriate job, viewing and responding to management messages, as well as many other industry specific functions. Furthermore, the Bioscreen can be used as an HR terminal where users may initiate leave requests, take leave for missed schedules, take partial day absences, reviewing timecard and leave balances, or completing a time sheet.