Support Policy

At Timeware we are committed to providing our clients with the best and most reliable workforce management solutions on the market. Timeware’s Support Team will assist you with any technical questions related to our products. We also provide software repairs and updates at no additional charge to all our licensed clients with current contracts.

To further demonstrate our committment to our clients, Timeware will provide your organization with 24/7 support for all installed software, a feature that can be renewed annually. Similarly, we support all delivered hardware on an annually renewable basis, however the first-year hardware maintenance is waived because all our hardware has an initial warranty for one year. The first year of product operation begins when full implementation is completed, and the client’s acceptance of the system is achieved. The client’s acceptance will be manifested in the form of a sign off letter originated by Timeware and signed by the client. The second-year maintenance and support begin immediately after the first year of product operation ends.